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Birds!!  In Our Backyard!!  

What I found out about what birds like here, in Arizona!  They
LOVE bird seeds!  They eat SOOOO much that we re-fill the
above seed feeder only on Sat. or Sunday.




However, a great new thing that we found out was they LOVE left over food!  Food - leftovers that I used to put down the kitchen sink disposal.  I took one of my clear plastic containers, my husband, drilled a hole in the top edge of all four corners.  Then he made a "hanger" using metal chain, with a hook on each of the 4 ends.  These "ends" went into the edge holes.  He made the four chains about 18" long, and put these ends on a large hook.  The length is important to make it so that squirrels  can not get in the "Bird Bowl" and eat the food.  Also, being made of metal, ants can't crawl into the bowl using the chain.

One day, my husband said "I'll bet they would like to eat the
"remains" of our cantaloupes!  "No way", I said, but just had
to try it!  
 I took the above cantaloupe "remains", but did add
some bread cubes, leftovers and popcorn!  I hoped the "extras"
would attract the birds.

I just scooped the food "remains" into the cantaloupe rind.   I placed the melon rind with leftovers in the plastic bowl that we had
hung outside on our tree in the back yard.

The clear plastic storage "Bird Bowl" hangs, and the birds can
see if there is anything in the bowl.  We did find that we had to
drill about 6 holes in the bottom to let what little rain we get here
in Arizona, drip out and not destroy the bird food.
Our FIRST "visitor", and he liked it so well, I think he "called" some of his friends!


If you look all over the branches of the tree, you will see that we
have Quail, Cactus Wrens, Road Runners, Doves AND
Woodpeckers!  The male Woodpeckers, have a red "spot" on the
top of their heads.  The females do not.  We also have a male and female Cardinal that visit every once in a while. 

And, our Road Runner! 



Baby Owl by our doorway sitting on the head of our
plastic owl.  He leaves to join his mother!  See next
picture ===>