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White Water River Rafting! Story, Photo Album or Slide show viewing
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Entering the rapids

Meet our family group!  From left to right, bottom to top: Lynn Malcom (sister), Elsie Whitesel (mother, celebrating her 85th birthday!), Syd Rodin (husband), Chris Imel (our guide, my nephew), Jan Alldredge (sister), Geri Rodin (me).  Mom, front, middle said she only had her mouth open on the first rapid entry, as she really got a mouth full!  Just check her out in the next pictures.

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Where's the raft?

DSC_0155_sm.jpg (66372 bytes)
There is the front of the raft!

DSC_0156_sm.jpg (53254 bytes)
Water pours out of the raft & Syd is glad his glasses have sunglass retainer (like a croakie) that kept his glasses on!
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We are "heading" into our second rapid and the three in the front are facing a 4 foot wall of water.

See the water churning at the back and roaring over us not only at the front, but also the sides?!
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"Well" Syd says.  "I still have my hat!  That was really quite a ride!  Ready for the next rapid?

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