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Recipes That I Like! 

  Costco Meal Preparation Instructions:

Recipes, No Pictures:
Marinated Tomatoes

Blueberry-Pecan French Toast


Gingered-Shrimp-Noodles.jpg (216998 bytes)
Gingered Shrimp Noodles

Fresh-Salmon-Salad.jpg (87050 bytes)
Fresh Salmon Salad

Primavera_pic.jpg (51337 bytes)
Primavera with Seared Seafood

Thai-Chicken-Soup_pic.jpg (139547 bytes)
Thai Chicken Soup

Tilapia-Dijon.jpg (196558 bytes)
Tilapia Dijon with Panko

Chicken_Wrap.jpg (58425 bytes)
Chicken Salad & Havarti Cheese Wrap

French1.jpg (30281 bytes)
French Onion Soup

Great Websites for Recipes!
Cooking for 2

High Fiber Recipes

Salmon_marinated_Costco.jpg (86945 bytes)
Marinated Salmon, Good &EASY!

French-Onion-Soup_Costco.jpg (87147 bytes)
Costco French Onion Soup - just cook!

sweet_potatoes_pears.jpg (67113 bytes)
Sweet Potatoes with Pears, Oranges and Pecans

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