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Elsie Whitesel's 88th Birthday, July 7, 2007, Page 1, Page 2
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Make a birthday wish.JPG (3075420 bytes)

1_Make a birthday wish.JPG (3075420 bytes)
Make a wish!
2_Cake and sparklers.JPG (2760350 bytes)
Birthday cake with sparkles
3_Birthday Cake - surprise.JPG (3368767 bytes)
Birthday Cake & Surprises
4_Master Griller.JPG (3680503 bytes)
Master Griller - yummie!
5_Grilling in back yard.JPG (3457033 bytes)
Grilling in the back yard
6_Steaks.JPG (3401763 bytes)
Look at those steaks
7_Setting up kitchen.JPG (2859140 bytes)
Setting up the Buffet
8_Syd and us three gals.JPG (2847697 bytes)
What a great family
9_Biancas Birthday gift.JPG (2550329 bytes)
Beautiful birthday gift
10_Grandma hugging Taylor and Cassidy.JPG (2944483 bytes)
Birthday hugs
11_Cassidy and Taylor.JPG (2896450 bytes)
Fun to be friends
12_Chris Imel and Lynda.JPG (3170807 bytes)
Look, we will supervise

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