Vern Whitesel

Elsie Whitesel's 88th Birthday, July 7, 2007, Page 1, Page 2
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13_Drew with Mom and Grandpa.JPG (3204085 bytes)
Youngest family member
14_Four gals.JPG (2540791 bytes)
The four gals
15_Such fun.JPG (2568844 bytes)
And we had such fun!
16_Vern.JPG (3057562 bytes)
Vern has pictures for us to see
17_Mom and Syd.JPG (3791223 bytes)
Smiles and roses
18_Vern and Geri.JPG (2976368 bytes)
We traveled a long distance to get here
19_Geri and Syd.JPG (4205212 bytes)
47 Years of marriage is good
20_Vern and family.JPG (3241653 bytes)
Family & Friends at the BBQ
21_Mom and Lynda.JPG (2731030 bytes)
Now let me see...
22_Rick and Geri.JPG (3206044 bytes)
Resting just a moment
23_Sr meals.JPG (3041359 bytes)
Friends at Senior Meals

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